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Windows 10 auto login registry password free download

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How to Automatically Login to Windows 10 without a Password? | Windows OS Hub

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If your computer is used in an environment where you are happy for all users to have easy access, you can enable Windows 10 auto login. It is useful to have the option for when logging into Windows, especially when a computer is used in a trusted family environment. After you uncheck the checkbox as instructed in the previous step, you will be presented with a small new window asking for your login username and password.

This is another method to accomplish the same thing in the steps above but in more of a manual fashion. You are about to edit the Registry, so I advise you to make a restore point on your computer before continuing. This way you can always restore your computer to this point if anything gets messed up. Edit the value data text box to match your user name. In this case, create a new string value like this:. You may want to reconsider the Windows 10 auto login set up if you are using a laptop, for example.

With increased vulnerabilities, more security measures are required. From here, I recommend that you read my other article about using a password to login into Windows 10 instead of a pin , in case you are interested. Skip to content If your computer is used in an environment where you are happy for all users to have easy access, you can enable Windows 10 auto login. Here we will show you how to set up the automatic login feature using two different methods. Setup auto login easy method 1.

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Windows 10 auto login registry password free download. 3 Ways to Auto Logon to Windows without Typing Your Password


The notorious login screen in Windows 10 has been repeatedly called a terrible nuisance by numerous Microsoft customers. No doubt, typing your password each time you fire up your computer might seem a deeply redundant procedure. Indeed, why not skip it? That appears a perfectly reasonable solution. First and foremost, you might wish to set auto login in Windows 10, since you are requested to waste your time on the manipulation you can easily avoid.

You might think that nothing particularly sensitive is stored on your PC and password-protecting your account is therefore a little paranoid. And last but not least, dealing with the login screen at every boot might slow down your computer for some time. Well, they are, in fact, not that nice. The point is, you will compromise your security if you let auto logon automatically occur on your PC.

To start with, your computer can easily get into the wrong hands: it might be stolen, penetrated and used to your disadvantage. The truth is, your machine is actually full of critical data, such as your bank card details, login credentials, insurance details, personal correspondence, etc. Besides, if your PC seems sluggish after startup, the login screen might not be the culprit. Just run a complete checkup of your machine to detect and eliminate speed-reducing issues.

If you are short of time and not so sure about your technical expertise, you can get this job done for you by Auslogics BoostSpeed — this widely acknowledged optimizer will carefully clean up your computer and skyrocket its performance.

All in all, privacy and security must come first. But the choice is yours, and you might nevertheless want to enable auto login in Windows In such a case, you are welcome to try the solutions below.

The easiest way to let your OS boot right to the desktop is by changing your sign-in options in Settings. If this method has been to no avail and the annoying login screen persists, just work your way down — you have two more tricks up your sleeve.

Microsoft confirms Auslogics’ high expertise in developing quality software that meets the growing demands of PC users. If you are tired of typing a password every time your PC boots, you can tweak your account settings to switch on the automatic logon feature in Windows If you want to undo the changes and password-protect your computer, you should disable auto logon.

This tweak requires much caution. The thing is, editing your registry is quite risky — it may cause your system to fall apart, so there is no excuse for sloppiness in this kind of work. To begin with, back up your important files to prevent permanent data loss.

You can migrate your data to another PC with a transfer cable or by using the HomeGroup feature. Besides, you can utilize a cloud solution, such as Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

You can find more information on these methods in this article of ours, but keep in mind they all imply quite a substantial amount of manual work. To save yourself time and effort, you can use special backup software, such as Auslogics BitReplica. Restart your PC to see if automatic logon has been successfully enabled. To turn it off, you should revert the registry changes you have made.

Could it be Microsoft changed something after the Spring Update? I made a few fresh Hyper-V clients with Windows 10 and all of them fail to auto login. I already tried all 3 options here. We suggest you to use TweakManager utility which will help you to setup automatic logon. To start it you should:. But be careful! Your email address will not be published. Ad blockers may interfere with some important blog features, such as comments, images, etc.

Please consider disabling your ad blocker so you can have the best experience on this website. Alexandra Bagratian 02 March – 4 min read. Link copied. The app contains no malware and is designed specifically for the problem described in this article.

Just download and run it on your PC. Do you like this post? You may also like 5. Computer Optimization. How to add and set up sound equalizer in Windows 10?

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