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Scripting : Visual Studio Professional – silent Installation via powershell does not quit.

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Use command-line parameters to install Visual Studio | Microsoft Learn – Question Info

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Install Visual Studio | Microsoft Docs.backup – How to download full Visual Studio Community with command line enabled? – Super User


If i create a batch file to execute the vs. There is a process named “xgTrayIcon” which gets started during the installation of VS. As soon as that process gets killed, the installation of VS will finish. The powershell commandlet “Start-Process” HasExited” to become true. This is only the case if the process xgTrayIcon gets killed. But if you call Start-Process with the -wait parameter, the script will not continue until the command is executed completely so killing the xgTrayIcon will never happen.

Before starting the Installation of VS i call a separate script which first waits until the Installation begins process VS running , second waits until the process VS is not running anymore installation finished and then kills the process xgTrayIcon.

I am not waiting for the completion of the script so it is doing its Job in the Background. So as soon as the Installation has finished the xgTrayicon gets killed, the property “. HasExited” becomes true, i get my return code and the script continues The name is equal to the exe yo are starting for the installation.

While i was writing my question i thought “Is it really true that ALL processes started by vs. There are three further processes running: Incredibuild. Something is not getting passed along, or it is choking on the volume mount where the install is located somehow. I had this error too for the Response. Can you post your command line? I always use script wrappers for applications, so perhaps that is the difference.

To sum up 1 you need to specify the full path for the response. This is workable, though awkward. Normally you could just go into MDT to tweak the installation command line, but now you need to dig deeper to locate and update the install.

But the real annoyance is that this takes a minute system installation and turns it into a hour installation. But that is because this package is a huge massive pig. Thanks again for your help. Hope this helps other people also who are trying to use MDT to image their systems! And like you, it take easely 30 minutes or more. NET with VB. Hi Mathieu, Could you please give more details what steps and command line you are using?

Thank you for your time. Hi, I tried all the above with community edition , failed? Anyone can share the wrapper Thanks. Hi Sven, this is the next your guidance that does not work and not clear what exactly you are doing, look at it how many responds you get and people modified a lot that you explain. Seems to me you just through here something and waiting to fixing your issues!

Waist of time for me and my coworkers reading this. If you wont help do it the right way. If you want receive something give it first. When I write the blog posts, I document as close as possible what I do and how it works in my environment.

In this particular post, I left out the fact that I use a script wrapper to install applications using MDT. I had no clue that it makes a difference for the VS installation.

Other commenters have suggested that solution and one event posted a sample script wrapper. It is just a waste of time!!! Nik, Which workloads and components are you including in the command line? Are they all available in the Professional edition?

Offline folder it is about 36 GB so I run with the same modified jason file you created and failed with error: The source layout directory is too long. Use –wait in batch files or scripts to wait for the Visual Studio installer to complete before the next command is executed.

Some command utilities require additional parameters to wait for completion and to get the installer’s return value. The following is an example of the additional parameters used with the PowerShell script command ‘Start-Process’:.

The first ‘–wait’ is used by the Visual Studio Installer, and the second ‘-Wait’ is used by ‘Start-Process’ to wait for completion. The ‘-PassThru’ parameter is used by ‘Start-Process’ to use the installer’s exit code for its return value. Download the Visual Studio core editor the most minimal Visual Studio configuration. Only include the English language pack:. Download the. NET desktop and. NET web workloads along with all recommended components.

Update: finally I got access to the Dev Essential program and I can see VS Community download button, but it seems the download itself is redirected in all cases to VS Those two links should give two different installers, but the effect is exactly the same:. The Microsoft article Create an offline installation of Visual Studio has the answer. Later on you could use this folder to install on this computer or another, using the same options:.

Note that –includeOptional will result in a huge download. Use instead the –add parameter to help in limiting the size of the download to just the components you need.

For that see Visual Studio workload and component IDs. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams?

Learn more about Teams. How to download full Visual Studio Community with command line enabled? Ask Question. Asked 2 years, 9 months ago.


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