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Rg rx-78-2 manual

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Rg rx-78-2 manual.Rg rx 78 2 manual


Maybe in all caps. I have to say, its a very nice instruction manual! Just look at that decal page, though….. Click to enlarge this picture. Go ahead. I dare you. Putting the armor on this thing will take me about 2 days total. The decals? They are normal stickers, but the edges of them are just done so well! Well, that was easy! These are all the parts, as they pop off the runner. Never has anything been so simple!

At all. Why hide the core fighter? The degrees the waist can move back and forth. Which is actually very nice, considering there are three joints in it! A better look at the aforementioned crotch rocketing. These are mainly more detail parts for the rest of the skeleton, and serve no real functional purpose… except to look nice, of course!

Though the knee parts definitely help to make it more sturdy. The final skeleton! A comparison of the elbows. They are both extremely detailed and extremely small. The thrusters on the feet. In the skeletal mode, these kind of stick out about 2mm, and make the kit hard to stand up.

The Real Grade comes with two types of hands. The open, completely flexible hands getting to it , and closed fists, which look really nice for those just standing poses.

The flexible pair of hands that come with this kit are simply amazing! Each finger has another joint, much like the MG 2. Except now the thumb also has a joint! The range of motion after the Skeleton parts are added is ever so slightly diminished. Is this a problem?

So perfect. Some parts look a bit scrawny after the armor parts are on though…. But after a little while. Though I have noticed some inconsistencies arise in some of the joints some are getting loose, while some are still tight.

I will warn you though, the tolerance of the plastic is not high, and that is very apparent even now. I can only say I would recommend this kit to slightly more experienced builders, and then only those with enough patience. Part two of this review will be another post entirely. Orange Gloss 18 Humbrol Enamel. Orange Gloss 18 Humbrol Acrylic. Orange N14 Acrysion. Flat Orange AP Italeri. Gloss Orange AP Italeri. Bright Orange Bright Blue S65 Mr. Dark Blue French Blue Gloss 14 Humbrol Enamel.

French Blue Gloss 14 Humbrol Acrylic. Magic Blue Ultramarine Sky Blue C34 Mr. Sky Blue S34 Mr. Mediterranean Blue Gloss 48 Humbrol Enamel. Sky Blue N25 Acrysion.

Andrea Blue Cobalt Blue C80 Mr. Cobalt Blue S80 Mr. Cobalt Blue N35 Acrysion. Wood Brown C43 Mr. Wood Brown S43 Mr. Sand Brown Brown Matte Humbrol Enamel. Brown solid matt Revell Aqua Color Acrylic. Wood Brown N37 Acrysion. Flat Wood AP Italeri. US Earth Red Tan Earth Red Crimson Gloss 20 Humbrol Enamel. Red Revell Aqua Color Acrylic. Red Revell Email Enamel. Wine Red N43 Acrysion. Heavy Red Dark Red Flesh C51 Mr. Cork Brown Skin Tone Flesh Matte 61 Humbrol Enamel. Leather Matte 62 Humbrol Acrylic.

Flesh N44 Acrysion. Heavy Skintone Desert Yellow Camouflage Brown Pale Sand Leather Matte 62 Humbrol Enamel. Dark Flesh Flesh Matte 61 Humbrol Acrylic. Tan Yellow Neutral Gray C13 Mr. Neutral Gray S13 Mr. Neutral Grey Aggressor Gray Neutral Gray N22 Acrysion. Dark Sea Grey BS A.

Grey Z Grey solid silk matt Revell Aqua Color Acrylic. Deck Tan Intermediate Blue Intermediate Blue Matte Humbrol Enamel. Greyish Blue solid matt Revell Email Enamel. Intermediate Blue N56 Acrysion. IDF Blue RAF P. Blue Testors Model Master Enamel. Deep Blue Turquoise Dark Earth C22 Mr. English Uniform Dark Earth Dark Earth Matte 29 Humbrol Enamel. Dark Earth Matte 29 Humbrol Acrylic.

Earth Brown solid matt Revell Email Enamel. Dark Earth N72 Acrysion. Earth US Earth Brown BS Dark Earth Mahogany H84 Aqueous Hobby Color. Mahogany C42 Mr. Mahogany S42 Mr. Hull Red Mahogany Wine Matte 73 Humbrol Enamel.


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