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AG , 3TR. Reprinted in Australia for Transmissionby Post as a 8ook. This ServiceManual covers maintenanceand repair of the motorcycleslisted on the title page through to the models. Beforebeginningto servicea motorcycle,carefulreadingof the applicablesectionis recommended to eliminatemistakesand unnecessarywork.

Note that in the tablesthroughoutthe manual,valuesfor the G5 are the rapg thosefor the :as G3TR-A or G Series, whichever is listed, except as indicated on the first two pages of the G5 specifications paZe12 ‘. Fueltank, oil tank and fud cock Dual sdat Center stand, side stand and foot rostr. A GA2. A Overall lrngth Type 2 stroke. O’, t. O’, 7. Overall Length Bore x Stroke 1. Fuel Tank Capacity 2. S,gal 9. Ofti 3lmph T]’pe 2 stroke I cylinder 2 stroke I cylinder 2 stroke I cylinder 2 stroke I cylinder rotary disc valve rotary disc valve rotary disc valve rotary disc valve Bore x Stroke 2.

Maximum Torque t 2. Open BBC “30′ F. Scavenging 55 5go 59″ –o o Close ABC 55″30′ 5go 59”. Ignition Type C. Convention Convention C. Item GAT. A G3SS. A G3TR. E 5th 0. Steering angle Caster 64″ 64″ 64″ Trail 3. Front 2. OGl8 4PR Knobby 3. Front 4. Steeringangle 4go 45u 0 Caster 61″ 62″ Front 3. Front 6. Table, Carburetor. VM19SC Gearratios: 1st 2. Sparkplug NGK B. F I ‘0]’? F7 Running Performance. Crankshaft r. Fue Consum tion F5 Running Performance rb ke Qaq zzo.

Therefore, an air cleaner is needed to filter and clean the dusty air-taken into the l”rb,rr”to.. The air cleaner also functions noise during air intake. As illustrated inFig’ , the triple filtration system consisrsof three stages: 1 the incom- ing air is deflectedby the dust absorbing pt”t” 1r”ri-rtr”alr”. The air cleanet, shown in Fig. The air passage and the carburetor chamberare of perfect water-Prooftype to preventwater or mud from entering.

Air cleanerfor the off-roadmotorrycle F Seriesl. The air cleaner of the off-road motorcycle which runs in dusty places musr be cleaned frequently. To disassemblethe air cleaner element without ,”-orring the air cleaner body, open the seat, remove the air cleanerfitting bolts and wing nuts and lake off the air cleaner caP. If the element is cloggedwith dust, the filtering efficiency, “-ouni of air intake and engine performancedecrease, increasingthe fuel consumption.

Replaceif extremely loaded with dust. Check that the felts on the buffer plate and cleanercover are not peeled off. Note: Be careful not to mistake the front side for the back sidewhen installingthe screen. The fins should point upward toward the cylinder. To increase the cooling efficiency, the cylinder head is made of high thermo-conductivity aluminum alloy and is provided with cooling fins on its outer surface.

In the case of the F series models, a hole is tapped on the opposite side of the spark plug hole to insert a decompressor which is generally used to allow the compressedgasin the cylinder out. Releasing this gas when starting the engine makes it easy to kick start; therefore, a de- compressorcan be used to start the engine more easily.

Normally, it is not necessaryto have the decompressor,and the hole must be plugged with a bolt identical to the spark plug in thread, pitch, diameter, and reach. Cylinder The cylinders of GA, 81L and F6 are made of cast iron, and those of F5 and F8 are madeof a light aluminum alloy having a high cooling effect, with an sleevemade of special casr iron.

The cylinder has two ports, one for scavengingand another for exhaust. These ports are opened and closed by the reciprocating motion of the piston. The timing of their opening and closing port timing greatly influences the thermal efficiency of the engine, that is, the engine performance dependson the effective timing of scavengingand exhaust. The port timing for each model is shown in the following table.

The intake processof the rotary valve type is carried out by the rotary disc which opens and closesthe intake port on the side of the crankcase. Therefore, a cylinder of this type does not havethe intake port. T” P’Exxeusr operu 5′ R” O. A G3TR-A r. Intake open lntake close Exhaust open Exhaust close Scavengingopen Scavengingclose.

G4TR r2oo 50″ 84o30′ 84o30′ 57o30′ 57o30′. F81M 1 87o40′ ‘ 5go 59″ F5 50″ 92″ 57″ 5t. Remove the cylinder mounting nuts b. Draw the cylinder from the stud bolts, and remove the cylinder head and gasket. Note: If it does not move, tap around the exhaust port with a plastic hammer while raising the cvlinder. Inspectionof cylinderhead for carbon Large amounts of carbon accumulated inside the combustion chamber will result in preignition, overheating, or excessive fuel consumption.

Since these results seriously aff. Caution: When removing carbon, take care not to Fig. Inspectionof cylinder: 1 Removal of carbon from cylinder: Carbon is apt to form particularly around the exhaust port of the cylinder. Inspect it and if carbon is present, carefully remove it with a screw driver, or the like. Correct if damaged with about No. If extremely dam- aged, replace the cylinder or perform boring and horing oPerations.

After checking the piston and piston rings, inspect the cylinder. After warming up the engine for a few minutes, remove the spark plug and insert a com- pression gauge into the spark plug hole. Then, read the pressureon the gauge while kicking over the engine. Standard Pressure 8. As illustrated in Fig. If maximum wear exceeds 0. Oversizepistons are availablein two sizes: 0. L65in 0. G31M-A cc in 0. When cylinder is replaced, replace both the piston and the piston rings at the same time.

Note: 1 When insertingthe piston into the cylinder, fit the piston rings to the knock pins in the piston ring grooves. Insert the piston by pressing the ring by hand to prevent it from scratching the side of the cylinder. Any excessiveforce applied will break the ring or damagethe inner surface of the cylinder. Be sure to crosstighten the head bolts to torque the head down evenly.

Piston Ring. The piston contains two different piston rings. The top ring is chrome plated and has more gloss than the secondring. As its principal function, the top ring preventsany compressionleakageduring the operation of the pistion.



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Free kawasaki service manual pdf.KAWASAKI Motorcycle Manuals & Wiring Diagrams PDF


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