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nissan altima coupe owners manual

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2010 nissan altima owners manual download.NISSAN Car Manuals PDF

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The first passenger car Datsun off the line in and soon Nissan started exporting to Australia. In Datsun Type 15 is the first mass 2010 nissan altima owners manual download vehicle in Japan, which was also presented in the form of a mini-van and pickup truck.

With the expansion of production of Nissan decided to start on US ground. Thanks to the designer, William R. Gorham, they were 2001 to achieve in its goal. The models exported to the United States, began in sedans with an engine 48 hp and a compact pickup truck with 2010 nissan altima owners manual download hp, which later became приведенная ссылка sales leader for 50 years.

By the 60 th year Nissan has already earned a name for himself on both sides of the Pacific. The company soon moved to another part of the market by selling sports cars. The first was the SPL narrow roadster with a folding soft-top and 48 hp engine, which was later updated to version 85 hp motor. In off-road sector Patrol debuted with a generous amount of horsepower that the market has been touted as able to “climb trees.

Sport line is continued in the 70s with the line “Z”, the only existing to this day. In 2010 nissan altima owners manual download, the Z becomes the best-selling sports car in the world, offering quality and comfort downloa an affordable price. Sales in the Americas continued to soar until finally, здесьthe Datsun became the number 1 importer in the United States. Nissan began to expand during the ’80s in order to keep pace with demand and opened new plants.

And only when all thought that Nissan will not be able to do more, there was a completely new brand of Nissanaimed at a more luxurious market segment, Infiniti. Inthe parent company of Nissan celebrated its millionth automobile produced in the United States.

Since were built new factories in the 90s, in the line of new models for the purpose of monopolizing the market have been added. Sedan Altima and Sentra become favorites as the best selling models of the Nissan range. Then, inthe time has come for the European market, and Nissan signed an agreement with the French manufacturer Renault to share the experience and strengths dpwnload each other. Inthe concept of «Z» revived with Z model sports car, which quickly won the hearts of motorists.

And in the end, downlad was soon released GTR, super sports car, which became the main treasure of Nissan. Основываясь на этих данных Acrobat Document 5. Nissan Frontier Owner’s Manual. Nissan Frontier 2010 nissan altima owners manual download Основываясь на этих данных Adobe Acrobat Document 1. Nissan 37OZ Coupe Owner’s manual. Nissan Altima Owner’s Manual. Nissan Altima Owner’s manual. Adobe Acrobat Document 2. Nissan Armada Owner’s Manual.

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Nissan Altima Sedan Owner’s Manual – Car Owner’s Manuals Online View


This vehicle is delivered to you with confidence. It was produced missan the latest techniques and strict quality control. This manual was prepared to help you understand the operation and maintenance of your vehicle so 2010 nissan altima owners manual download you may enjoy many miles kilometers of driving pleasure. Please read through this manual before operating your vehicle. A separate 2010 nissan altima owners manual download Information Booklet explains details about the warranties covering your vehicle.

When you require any service or have any questions, they will be glad to assist you with the extensive resources available to them. In addition to factory-installed options, your vehicle may 2010 nissan altima owners manual download be equipped with additional accessories installed prior to delivery. It is recommended you visit a NISSAN dealer for details 2010 nissan altima owners manual download the particular accessories with which your vehicle is equipped. It is important that you.

This will ensure familiarity with controls and maintenance requirements assisting you in the safe operation of your vehicle. Follow these important driving rules to help ensure a safe and comfortable trip for you and your passengers! Preteen children should be seated in the rear seat. This vehicle should not be modified. Modification could affect its performance, safety or durability and may even violate governmental regulations. This manual includes information for all features and equipment available on this model.

Features and equipment in your vehicle may vary depending on model, trim level, options osners, order, date of production, region or availability.

Therefore, you may find information about features or equipment that are not included 2010 nissan altima owners manual download installed on your vehicle. All manuak, specifications and illustrations in this manual are those in effect at the time of printing. NISSAN reserves the right to change specifications, performance, design or component suppliers without notice and without obligation.

Please carefully read and retain with this manual all revision updates sent to you by NISSAN to ensure you have access to accurate and up-to- date information regarding your vehicle.

You will see various symbols in this manual. They are used in the following ways:. This is used to indicate the presence of a hazard that could cause death or serious personal injury.

To avoid or reduce the risk, the nissna must be followed precisely. This 2010 nissan altima owners manual download used to indicate the presence of a hazard that could cause minor or moderate personal injury or damage to your vehicle.

To avoid or reduce the risk, the procedures must be followed carefully. If you see a symbol similar to these in 2010 nissan altima owners manual download illustration, it means the arrow points to the front of the 2010 nissan altima owners manual download.

Arrows in an illustration that are similar to these altlma attention to an item in the illustration. Engine exhaust, some of its constituents, and certain vehicle components contain or emit chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. In addition, certain fluids contained in vehicles and certain products of component wear contain or emit chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Some vehicle parts, such as lithium batteries, may contain perchlorate material. All rights reserved. If you prefer, visit us at: www. Air bags, seat belts and child restraints. Instrument panel. Top tether strap anchor P. Roof-mounted curtain side-impact and rollover downloxd air bag P. Front seat-mounted side-impact supplemental air bag P. Front seat belt with pretensioner s and shoulder height adjuster P.

Supplemental front-impact air bags P. Occupant classification sensor weight sensor P. Audio system controls P. Vehicle information display controls P. Power steering fluid reservoir Mnual. Engine coolant reservoir P. Engine oil filler cap P. Brake fluid reservoir P. Engine oil dipstick P. Drive belt location P. Windshield-washer fluid reservoir P.

Seat belt maintenance. CHildren system. This can be dangerous. The shoulder belt will not be against your body. In an accident, you could be thrown into it and receive neck or other serious injuries. You could also slide under the lap belt and receive serious internal injuries. Always sit well back and upright in 2010 nissan altima owners manual download seat with both feet on the floor and adjust the seat properly. They could unknowingly activate switches or controls. Inssan children could become involved in serious accidents.

Additionally, the temperature inside a closed vehicle on a warm day can quickly become high enough to cause a significant risk of injury or death to people and pets. The seat may move suddenly and could cause loss of control of the vehicle. Seat belts are most effective when the passenger sits well back and straight up in the seat. If the seatback is reclined, the risk of sliding under the lap belt and being injured is increased. Your vehicle seats can be adjusted manually.

For additional information about adjusting the seats, refer to the steps outlined in this section. Pull the center of the bar up and hold it while you slide the seat forward or backward to the desired position. Release the bar to lock the seat in atima. To recline the seatback, pull the lever up and lean back. To bring the seatback forward, pull the lever up and lean your body forward.

Release the lever to lock the seatback in position. The reclining feature allows adjustment of the seatback for occupants of нажмите чтобы увидеть больше sizes for added comfort and to help obtain xltima seat belt fit. Also, the seatback can be reclined to allow occupants to rest when the vehicle is stopped and the shift lever is in the P Park спасибо.

adobe indesign cs3 tutorial pdf free download free download думаю. Pull up or push down the adjusting lever to adjust the seat height until the desired position is achieved.

Before doenload the vehicle, return the seatback to an upright seating position after manually releasing it. Also, make sure the seat is locked in place. Failure to do so may cause посетить страницу seat to move in a collision or sudden stop. This may result in damage to the seat or personal injury. If the motor stops 2010 nissan altima owners manual download operation, wait 30 seconds then reactivate the switch. This will discharge the battery.

Moving the switch forward or backward will slide the seat forward or backward to the desired position. Move the recline switch backward until the desired angle is obtained. To bring the seatback forward again, move the switch forward and move your body forward. The seatback will move forward. Push the front or rear end of 2010 nissan altima owners manual download switch up or down to adjust the angle and height of the seat cushion.

The lumbar support 2010 nissan altima owners manual download provides adjustable lower back support to the driver. Push the front or back end of the switch to adjust the seat lumbar area.

Push down on the button 1 on the rear parcel shelf. Use of these areas by passengers without proper restraints could result in serious injury or death in an accident or sudden stop. Do not place cargo higher than the seatbacks. In a sudden stop or col. The trunk can be accessed from the driver side and passenger side of the rear seat for loading and unloading, as shown.

If dodnload are not completely secured, passengers may be injured in an accident or sudden stop. Downlowd may provide additional protection against injury in certain rear end collisions. Check the adjustment after someone else uses the seat.

This may increase the risk of serious injury or death in a collision. Push and hold the lock knob. Продолжение здесь stalk with the notch notches 1 must be installed in the hole with the lock knob 2. NISSAN strongly encourages you and all of your passengers to buckle up every time you drive, even if your seating position includes a supplemental air bag.

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