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DoNotSpy Home/DoNotSpy11/Download Now. Since this application has not been signed, Windows Defender SmartScreen might produce the following warning. pXc-Coding has sent in DoNotSpy10, one of the first anti-spy tools for Windows The interface simply gives you a list of areas where tracking or privacy.


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Ссылка на страницу 5 93 votes 1. Bad 2. Not Geeky 3. Average 4. Good 5. With the initial release of Windows 10 came the concerns about privacy and tracking. While we think that privacy, as we know, is virtually dead, that does not do not spy windows 10 download we should be relaxed about it. Not at all. It allows you to set a restore point just in case so you can easily revert back if you do not like the changes made.

The interface simply gives you a list of areas where tracking or privacy is a concern. App access is always a big one as is Password Reveal but there are a couple you might want to leave alone including Windows Defender and Windows Updates. When installing DoNotSpy10 be sure to watch out for one third party program источник offers to install.

A portable version would be nice here as well as suggested items to remove that won’t affect your system’s security. Otherwise, it’s a great Windows 10 anti-privacy tool.


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